why us

Catalyst Construction & Remodeling LLC has been providing quality service throughout Chicago, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Roscoe Village, & Bucktown. Our fundamental objective has been to offer experience and expertise in all of our construction and remodeling projects. Catalyst Construction & Remodeling LLC uses a methodical construction management process to ensure that all of our projects are on time of the highest quality, and exceed your expectations as a client.

our story

In 2003, Eric Udelhoven who was president of a condo association, needed to find a remodeling company to for the building that he was responsible for. Eric was also a project manager for a commercial construction company and had never needed to hire a home repair company until then. So using the experience he had as a commercial project manager, he began soliciting bids from various remodeling contractors. After two weeks of calling around and asking for referrals, he found 3 companies that were interested in doing the project. Learn more.



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