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Eric Udelhoven CR


In 2003, Eric Udelhoven who was president of a condo association, needed to find a remodeling company for the building that he was responsible for. Eric was also a project manager for a commercial construction company and had never needed to hire a home repair company until then. So using the experience he had as a commercial project manager, he began soliciting bids from various remodeling contractors. After two weeks of calling around and asking for referrals, he found 3 companies that were interested in doing the project.

The first contractor showed up 90 minutes late and never got back with an estimate. The second contractor priced the project unbelievably expensive. Finally, the third contractor gave a price that was in between the two, so Eric awarded the contract to the third contract. The typical process ensued; the contractor showed up took a deposit and wasn’t heard from for four weeks. After repeated attempts to contact the contractor, Eric contacted the Secretary of State and other various entities to try to resolve the issue. Finally the contractor showed up and began the work with a team that did no speak English and had absolute disregard for the state they left the building in every day. In short, the experience that Eric had gone through left a very bad taste in his mouth.

It was at this point that Eric realized that there was a need for an extremely professional remodeling company that offers exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and at a fair price. Catalyst Construction and Remodeling was created to serve the needs of any homeowner or business that wants to deal with a professionally organized business that has honesty and integrity.

Catalyst has grown to become one of the industry leaders in the Chicagoland area. Our professional credentials and team of experts set us far apart from any other company that you may find. If you are looking for a company that offers professional services, good quality and no unmet expectations, then Catalyst is the company for you. So when you need a construction or remodeling contractor in the Chicago area, call us or complete our online request form for a free quote.

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Amy Wettersten

Design Manager

Deven Kampel  -  Project Coordinator

Scott Cetner - Senior Superintendent

Brian Olson - Lead Superintendent 

Bogdan Bori - Superintendent

Marc Peter - Superintendent

Bart Kardacz - Superintendent